The world of Khronos has been ruled by the chromatic dragons for hundreds of years. Their talons reach across most of globe and deep into every kingdom. After the Godwar, the chromatic dragons turned against their former allies and used the dark powers stolen from the gods to defeat the metallic dragons and destroy them all. The metallic dragons were hunted down and eradicated, the humanoid armies tried to help but the power of the chromatic dragons proved to be far too powerful.

In one dark moment in history, the light of hope was snuffed out and the wings of the dragon covered the world.

The metallic dragons were lost, hope was lost …

Then a group of adventurers banded together and fought against incredible odds to accomplish the impossible. A plan was hatched to recover the spirits of the long defeated metallic primes and forge new bodies for them. This would restore the balance of power and bring the chromatic dragons back in line and protect the world.

For the longest time, no one believed that it could be done, but through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered they have fought their way through the lands and found the spirit of the silver prime.

Dragon Reign: Silver – The tale of the fight for the spirit of the Silver Prime.

Echoes of the Fallen

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