The year is 134 Shadowfall.

Shadows continue to cloak the world creating a dull world of gray, muting the colors of creation. The lands of Lethandriel are hit the hardest with the Shadow Riders patrolling the lands and keeping the puppet kings in their place. The green lands of Grymus Priod seem less lush and vibrant. The Caustic Badlands continue to poison the land and corrupt the waters to the south, but even in the poisonous swamp a strange form of life stirs. Kadishah is cooler than usual, but business still thrives in the land where currency is king. The Verdant Copice has become twisted and dark, the elves either abandoned the lands or got corrupted. Skaalund survives as it usually does, the people viewing Shadowfall as just another winter to survive through.

Strange purple colored clouds have begun to cover the skies. These clouds, called Aether, are filled with magic energy that people have begun to harness. This power has led to the creation of airships that are fueled by steam and the magic energy of the Aether. No one knows where these clouds have come from, but they are powerful and blanket the skies of the world.

Although the Church of Illumination still stands strong through these dark times due to pacts made with Aphala, it’s influence has begun to wane with several cults rising up. The strongest and most powerful cult calls itself The Darkest Hour. It’s followers devoted to the Pale Mother that weighs each fresh soul and offers salvation for a life well spent, or punishment for a wasted life. Life and death, purification and corruption, these are her domains. Her followers revere and fear her.

A strange old crone wanders the lands of Aerkolos. Some call her a prophet, some claim she is a spirit bringing doom, but most claim she is a mad, drunk woman with no rhyme or reason. The roads have become more dangerous due to bandits and attacks by wild beastmen. Shadows lurk in the corners of temples, markets, and the hearts of men. Tension fills the air as the city-states of the lands look at each other with suspicion and doubt. Wise men claim that only knowledge of the past can save them, but with the turmoil of the Shadow and the loss of legends by the dragons, that seems like an impossible task. These ancient lands hold many mysteries of the past, knowledge that could help the present, and possibly ensure the future.

An empire of humans calling themselves the Eisenreich, Iron Empire, have assaulted the ancient lands of the fey and laid waste to the city of Sanctum. They corrupted the magics of the city to cause an apocalyptic explosion devastating the city and the surrounding lands. Although they have raided places in the past, they have begun a full scale assault on the lands of faeries and elves. It is only a matter of time before they turn their eyes on other lands.

The world groans with the misery weighing it down. The people look for heroes that will never come and each rebellion ends with the Shadow Lord, Aphala, triumphant and with a stronger army. As the Shadow Lord descends on the world, it’s claws sink deep like anchors, holding all life in a cold, dark grip. With the lands growing darker every year, it seems that all hope is lost.

Nothing is lost forever.