The Church of Illumination is revealed as a secret demon church. It’s leader is discovered to be Angou the lost god from the Godwar that sold his soul. In an epic battle, Angou slew Aphala and claimed his rightful place as a god again. The Grand Alchemist ignited the Aether to try and level out the arcane powers tearing the world apart. She succeeded, but the damage had been done. Titanic representations of the elements came to life and began destroying all they could.

Begin the Dark Ages

The cataclysmic events began tearing the world apart and scattering the peoples. During this period the manifestation of elements rampaged over the lands changing the landmasses and destroying civilizations. People cared less about preserving knowledge and were concerned mostly with saving themselves. Magic became corrupted by the Spellblight crippling and even killing most mages. Masses hordes of undeath known as the Unworthy roam the countryside desecrating all they pass over. New gods begin to appear to try and bring balance to the lands and over a period of time no less than a century, the world begins to put itself back together and civilizations start to rise again.